Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to fit proper dental care into any budget!

Last time I shared with you one part of a conversation that I had with four women in the health food store. Part one was about the limitations of dental insurance and what it really cost one mother…the ability to choose the type and quality of the health care she desired for her family. This week’s blog is about another mother’s concern about not being able to afford braces for her child.

Sharon was distraught. She was educated enough to recognize that her daughter was having early warning signs of TMJ…and that the clock was ticking when it came to getting proper treatment. It wasn’t just that Beth’s lower jaw was beginning to stick out like “Jay Leno”, that she rarely smiled or even that she was becoming more introverted…she was more concerned, and rightly so, that Beth was having jaw joint pain, grating and clicking in one jaw joint, frequent headaches and a noticeable “slouch” in her posture.

Sharon already knew that getting Beth into braces while she was still growing was crucial…and she felt terribly guilty because her daughter was suffering, both emotionally and physically. The helpless and hopeless feelings were gut-wrenching. However, what Sharon didn’t know was that braces could actually fit into her “single mother going back to school” budget. Ahhh, relief!

Nearly anyone with a good credit history can be easily and quickly approved for payment arrangements that fit comfortably into any budget. You can even pre-qualify online in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply visit www.springstoneplan.com or www.carecredit.com for an application. It doesn’t affect your credit rating to apply, it costs nothing and the results are fast.

Then, give our office a call at 342-0989 and schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation. Sure, the confidence and self-esteem that comes from a great smile is one of the best head starts you can give your child in life. We wish it wasn’t so, but we all know that looks do matter. But even more important is the gift of good health…. and when it comes to helping the jaws to grow and develop properly via orthodontics, timing does matter…. a lot.