Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do you snore

Do you snore? If so, there is important information and a special offer in this blog.

Snoring is not normal! In 1/3 of the people who snore it is just a social inconvenience or irritant and actually causes more health problems for your bed partner than yourself. They loose , on average, 1.5 hours of sleep a night thanks to you. However, for the remaining 2/3rds who snore, it is a sign of a very serious and dangerous disorder called sleep apnea/hypopnea.

Sleep apnea is where the body stops breathing entirely for 10 seconds or more. Hypopnea is where only very shallow breaths are taken. Not a big deal if it happens occasionally, but when it is happening hundreds of times a night, there’s a big problem…a lack of oxygen going to the brain and vital organs.

Other risk factors besides snoring include;
➢ Overweight
➢ Aging
➢ Large neck size (men >17…women >14.5)
➢ Narrow dental arches
➢ Enlarged tonsils/adenoids
➢ Allergies

Disorders associated with chronic oxygen deprivation include:
➢ Heart disease
➢ Diabetes
➢ Inability to loose weight
➢ Stroke
➢ Fatigue
➢ Loss of libido
➢ Depression
➢ Irritability, Mood swings
➢ Memory Loss / Mental fog

That statistics are alarming. Studies show a 47% increase risk of premature death if sleep apnea goes undiagnosed and untreated. And if it doesn’t kill you, it may kill someone else. It’s one thing to fall asleep while watching TV and totally another thing to have an episode of “micro-sleep” while behind the wheel with the grandkids in the back seat.

Testing yourself for this silent but serious problem has never been easier. Instead of spending $3500 at a sleep center for a full blown sleep study, there is a home screening test available for only $350. The unit looks like a wrist watch with a couple of sensors attached to it that fit over the index and ring finger. One button is pressed and you go to sleep! It’s that simple. When the unit is returned the next morning the information is downloaded into the computer and your results are printed out for immediate review.

If the results show simple snoring with no sleep disorder then a snoring appliance is indicated. Believe me, your bed partner will appreciate it! I know I do. (On our last trip my husband forgot his appliance and I was a bit grouchy the whole trip because I didn’t sleep well.)

If the results show a problem, then treatment is available for that as well in the form of a custom made appliance specifically designed to keep the airway open at night and allow for maximum oxygenation of the brain and organ systems. Nutritional and lifestyle counseling may also be needed if there is a pH imbalance involved.

If you would like to be tested and have the piece of mind knowing that your snoring isn’t killing you or harming your loved ones, please give us a call at 605-342- 0989.

Yours for better health,
Dr. Kelly

P,S. Snoring in kids can be problem too! I will look at your kids for free and let you know if there’s a potential problem. Just call me at 605.342.0989 and mention this.

P.S.S. The first 3 to call will receive a 10% courtesy off of the home screening test.