Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year’s Dental Resolution

Here's a great idea for the new year put a little extra emphasis on your health care in 2010. Isn't it time to do some of the little things that can lead to better health. Ok... Good idea. So how about starting with a new years dental resolution?

It is so easy to affect a more positive dental health. Most of the steps can be routine. We all know brushing after every meal and flossing daily are everyday tasks you should be doing. However, rushing through brushing and skipping flossing can undo your efforts. Done properly and regularly, brushing and flossing keep your mouth clean but also stimulate the gums. Unhealthy gums are medically connected to heart disease, which is something most people do not realize. So, being more diligent with brushing and flossing can have a huge impact on your health. So, maybe add that to your new years dental resolution.

Regular visits to see me for cleanings will also help nip emerging problems in the bud. In deep cleanings, we make sure that the plaque that causes tooth decay and gum disease is completely removed. I strongly suggest making your cleaning appointments a priority in the coming year.

And, for anyone suffering from symptoms of TMJ, maybe this will be the year when you have had it living with the pain and the headaches. If you are ready to start the year headed toward a pain-free 2010, why not schedule an appointment for a neuromuscular exam. I am trained to treat TMJ pain with non-invasive techniques that change lives. Treating TMj can do much for your mental health as well if the burden of the pain is affecting your functioning or your moods.

And, one last idea for your new years dental resolution. If you or someone you know snores, why not treat the sleep apnea that causes the snoring? Sleep apnea can be life threatening and it clearly affects how you function. Again, non-invasive neuromuscular treatments I offer can treat sleep apnea and improve your overall health.

So, what sounds good for your new years dental resolution? Email me and let me know.