Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Migraines and TMJ

If you suffer from migraines headaches, you know it is an intense head pain that can last for hours or days. For some, it can be totally debilitating. If you have frequent headaches and the best your doctor can do is prescribe pain medication for your migraines, you should look into what neuromuscular dentistry can do for your headaches. The alternative might be migraines for the rest of your life and the need for dulling medications to live with them.

Migraine headaches are a common symptom of TMJ. This is a misalignment of the jaw that can cause numerous pains and discomforts in the head and neck. Most people think of TMJ (tempromandibular joint disorder) as only a cause of jaw pain. However, migraine headaches are a very common symptom and, because of their severity, they are a major cause for people to seek out more advanced treatments. Informed family doctors will also recognize persistent migraines as a symptom of TMJ and make a referral to a neuromuscular dentist.

My training at The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies qualifies me as one of this area’s top professionals treating TMJ. The neuromuscular approach to treating TMJ is non-invasive. Through the use of measuring technologies, I am able to determine the proper alignment of your jaw to relieve the stress on the jaw joint. In turn, this eliminates all the issues that misalignment is causing on all the connected tissues. The neuroumuscular approach is an effective and non-invasive way to treat TMJ and restore normal function to the jaw joint.

Along with normal function comes relief from TMJ symptoms including migraines. If you suffer from migraine headaches, why not ask me about how TMJ treatment works?